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children furniture Independent and creative space
- Feb 11, 2018 -

Children's furniture taking into account the safety of users, the state requires sharp corners of children's furniture should be rounded down to ensure that in the event of bump, fillet harm to children will be far less than sharp corners. Pine softwood texture than other soft, wood is not as good as black walnut, children furniture black wood and other hardwood, but it is because of soft, children furniture let it become the first choice for children's furniture production.

Because the texture of soft pine is not only easy to round, but also design and carving out a variety of children's favorite shape, and hard wood in the carving not only difficult to construct, a little careless will lead to wood burst. In addition, we all know that the pain of falling on the tile is much greater than the pain of falling on the wooden floor because the tile is harder than the wooden floor. children furniture Similarly, the wooden hard and soft also determine the size of the pain after a collision, pine soft texture, even in the use of children bump, it will not cause serious harm like hardwood, so in addition to children's furniture, many children's toys Also made of pine wood.

 Independence and creativity are important to every natural person who lives in society, and the development of these two features can not be separated from their parents. children furniture Parents are the children's first teacher, the greatest impact on children. Many parents do not know how to cultivate children's independence and creativity. Instead, they give things depend on children, resulting in the lack of independence and creativity of children. Of course, this has a great relationship with the living environment and national culture. In the West, children are equal to Mom and Dad, and Mom and Dad taught their children something to know about the world because the child is new here. The thing missed by mom and dad, children should also be pointed out. children furniture In western families, children's mothers have the greatest relationship with their children, and mothers have the greatest rights to their children, both in blood and in daily life. In China, the birth of a child implies the addition of a family member. The child belongs not only to his mother, but to the entire extended family. children furniture Children are the darling of the family. Have to say, to a certain extent, will lead to the loss of child independence and creativity, children furniture because there is a lot of people involved in his life, a few generations to interfere.