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children furniture Rich variety
- Feb 11, 2018 -

In addition to children's furniture, green sheet, solid wood also occupy a large market share. However, children furniture different from adult furniture in the rich variety of wood choices, most children's solid wood furniture will use pine production, which is why?

Adult purchasing solid wood furniture in addition to environmental factors, but also because solid wood furniture and more tenon and durable technology, even if the second assembly does not affect the use. Even furniture like mahogany has the added value of hedging and the function of heirlooms. Solid wood furniture on the market to use more black walnut, black wood and other hardwood production, long service life, children furniture so even if the price is expensive, consumers are willing to buy.

However, children's furniture is different from adult furniture, children are in rapid growth and development, height and weight will change, if you buy as expensive as adults and solid wood furniture, one dull tone, the children do not like, the second is designed and Not suitable for children. Even if custom-sized, may not be used for two years, it will have to be replaced because the furniture is too small size,children furniture which for most families are a small expenditure.

Different from the plate in the production will be a lot of glue for bonding, there may be the hidden dangers of formaldehyde release, the most important reason consumers choose solid wood furniture is fancy wood environmental protection, so most parents choose the furniture for their children will choose Pure solid wood, pine furniture because of its cheap and environmentally friendly features has become the preferred material for children's furniture production.

At present, children furniture the children's furniture market also appeared in the environmental grade E0-level sheet metal furniture, business promotion is even higher than the solid wood environmental protection level. children furniture In response, children furniture Zhang Yazu, director of Forest Quality Supervision Station in Shaanxi Province, said that the so-called E0-level label does not mean that there is no release of formaldehyde, children furniture but formaldehyde release ≤ 0.5mg / L, so can only say that this sheet is very close to the environmental protection of solid wood, Can not say that environmental protection than solid wood.