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fitness equipment Practice method
- Feb 11, 2018 -

1, Butterfly machine

(1) The face of the butterfly machine stand, fitness equipment the distance between the two feet slightly wider than the shoulder, arms around the active arm periphery, and then do the opening and closing movements. This action is mainly for pectoralis major, trapezius, deltoid and latissimus dorsi exercises

(2) the face of the Butterfly Machine, fitness equipment the distance between the two feet shoulder width. Hold the handle with both hands across the handle (left hand holding the right arm, right hand holding the left arm), and then do the opening and closing movements. This action is mainly for trapezius, deltoid and latissimus exercise.

2, recommended exercise stand (commonly known as sitting on the push frame)

(1) The basic practice of recommending exercise racks: Adjust the seat under the recommended exercise racks to a suitable position, sit on it, hold the activity crossbar on both sides of your body with both hands, and then push your arms upwards until arms Straighten so far, finally elbow down to recover, restored to its original position. This action is mainly to practice the muscles of the shoulders and arms.

(2) arms raised exercises: the face of the recommended exercise stand stand, the distance between the two feet slightly wider than shoulder width, both hands from outside to inside anti-grip handle bar at both ends, and then forced up the crossbar until the arms stretch Straight so far, fitness equipment then elbow elbow down to recover. This action restores the main exercise arm muscles, shoulder muscles, wrist, shoulder and elbow.

〔3〕 knee flexion and extension exercises: put a hand in the middle of the bench put a height of 10 cm square wood, standing on the square wood, the distance between the two shoulders and other shoulders, shoulders against both sides of the handle, and then Shrugged, forced to carry up, fitness equipment while holding hands with both hands to lift the action, and then bend the knees, squat body, the handle with the body lower, and then suddenly stand up and restore. This action mainly exercises the thigh muscles.

3, ramp board

Comprehensive trainer on the ramp, fitness equipment is mainly used to do sit-ups practice. However, if only limited to this kind of action, it would be a waste of a large piece of this component, we can do the following action exercises:

(1) supine on the inclined plate, one foot on the horizontal handle, tiptoe tilt, hook horizontal; the other foot ankle on the horizontal arm, two arms stretched parallel to the trunk Ramp board, and then the upper body slowly sit up, put the foot on the cross-leg up at the same time, fitness equipment straight arm, with your hand try to touch the tiptoe, and then upper body lying, feet back two legs Alternate to do this exercise is the main exercise abdominal and thigh muscles.

(2) the knife head toward the horizontal direction on the inclined plate, both hands grasp the crossbar, fixed the body, and then with the shoulder plate contact with the shoulder position as a fulcrum, fitness equipment legs uplift in the air to do pedal action or alternatively Before and after, swing up and down. This action is mainly exercise abdomen and back muscles.