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indoor playground Candy theme Improve and improve
- Feb 11, 2018 -

In recent years, amusement facilities have been frequently exploded accidentally, why is it so? On the one hand because of the quality of the amusement device itself, indoor playground Candy theme on the one hand because of the lack of safety standards for amusement facilities and improper management. In order to avoid these potential safety hazards, the management of recreational facilities needs to be improved and improved accordingly.

 It is best to disinfect recreational facilities once an hour before opening day and after night time closing, because no matter how good disinfection work is harmful to children. In addition, at the peak of children's playground peak time, crowd density should be counted on the field, indoor playground Candy theme children playground density is not easy to over-large, to avoid the children bump in the fun.

 In addition to the amusement facilities themselves, the operation mode and management of operators are also a major cause of the poor management status. Quality manufacturers can usually give the product instructions, indoor playground Candy theme as well as operating practices. Therefore, in the premise of product quality protection, indoor playground Candy theme we must operate in accordance with the rules of operation.

Relevant national documents have certain safety standards for large-scale amusement facilities, but small-sized children's amusement equipment has no standard in terms of service or safety. The number of children playing in the children's playground, indoor playground Candy theme time limits and playground disinfection measures And so there is no clear standard. Many playgrounds lack of knowledge in this area, under some circumstances it is prone to accidents. In this regard, children's playground should be more knowledge of these knowledge and learning, indoor playground Candy theme in accordance with the relevant state regulations and systems, strictly according to the device's technical documentation to operate, to avoid a lot of tragedy!

To operate the amusement facilities, it is necessary to have sufficient understanding of some basic problems and related knowledge of the equipment in order to solve the problems in time when the amusement facilities are in operation.