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indoor playground Candy theme The focus of the renovation of the facility
- Feb 11, 2018 -

Parents accompanied by rest: children's playground is mainly for children's play, parents can accompany. Therefore, children's paradise should be set up exclusive area and parents rest area, indoor playground Candy theme which is now widely used in various types of playgrounds. If you only focus on children's play and let parents stand and watch, indoor playground Candy theme I think few parents will want to stand and watch the children play again, indoor playground Candy theme though the most important but good service for all children is essential. How many children can play on their own? In this regard, the following can be specifically set: The placement of several tables, chairs for rest, and the availability of magazines, books or drinking water during breaks, please see the next article --- Extra Services. (Rest area should be placed in a reasonable position, generally to ensure children's play area in the field of view of the rest area to ensure that parents can see the child)

Extra Services: The main service here is still the escort. Children have fun, parents do? Looked, very boring bar. Then we can go to read some newspapers, indoor playground Candy theme magazines and books of all kinds. This also does not cost much money but gives the parents psychologically bring very good recognition, only they agree with the children will often come. In addition, indoor playground Candy theme naughty Fort is a very laborious amusement activities, we can supply pure water for free, one can solve the children's problems, two can also rest parents to rest better. Here we do not forget to make money yo, you can put some drinks or poker for entertainment, not much to say, their own understanding on the line.

Paradise warm, this belongs to the formal sense of the park decoration problems. As the saying goes, people depend on the saddle clothes, and our children's paradise also have a paradise look is the most important. Warm decor is essential, what kids like we dress up. Trying to create a feeling that looks very warm. Here, we can make important efforts in color and material. Color is mainly based on bright colors, indoor playground Candy theme our naughty fort products generally use yellow, green, indoor playground Candy theme red, indoor playground Candy theme blue and so on. The best decoration of the park with these colors, such as the use of pink, white, sky blue-based color to decorate the walls. In the other parts of the choice of the best rounded perspective, indoor playground Candy theme such as tables and chairs, etc., these should also be based on the plastic material to prevent bumps children. indoor playground Candy theme If the place can, it is best to have enough sunlight to bring the children.