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indoor playground Candy theme to offer comfort
- Feb 11, 2018 -

Now, many large supermarkets and shopping malls can see the figure of children's amusement park, and the same for the mall operators, children's amusement park also has a certain role in the management of shopping malls.

Can bring popularity to the mall. indoor playground Candy theme Children's amusement park as an industry for children, designed to provide children with a good play space. On the other hand, children and parents are important customers in shopping malls and need children's playgrounds to increase their popularity and maintain their regular customers.

It can be convenient for parents with children. indoor playground Candy theme Parents with children have a lot of inconveniences when they visit the mall. Children's playground can be used as a temporary storage place for children, giving parents time to deal with emergencies. This indirectly improves the quality of service in shopping malls. The company is located in:

The relationship between shopping malls and children's amusement park, described as mutually beneficial symbiosis seems more appropriate. Shopping malls for the amusement park provides a good business environment, children's amusement park is the mall's customers to provide good service.

1, the mall should have some grades and brands, there is enough popular child, so that there will be sufficient spending power of the crowd, if the mall level is low, it will bring your playground with low-grade, low-level playground will not be good Business, if you are not popular children, indoor playground Candy theme traffic does not increase, of course, no way to make money.

2, children's play facilities to be novel, like some of the previous naughty Fort is now outdated, and children's play facilities such as inflatable Fort, coconut trees, indoor playground Candy theme surf the water bed, indoor playground Candy theme etc. are relatively new, the children liked it . There are some scenarios to simulate, indoor playground Candy theme and some desktop games are novel children's playground characters.

3, the rent of shopping malls should be controlled within 30% of your income, this business can be considered to do. At present, children's play facilities in the indoor market are very popular. Especially in the north, indoor playground Candy theme spring, winter and winter are longer. Children spend more time indoors, indoor playground Candy theme so many parents bring their children to the indoor playground when they can not go out. indoor playground Candy theme Increase children's social, climbing ability like.