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indoor playground Positive measures
- Feb 11, 2018 -

At present, there are nearly tens of thousands of electronic games and entertainment venues in China. Due to the interest-driven phenomenon, some electronic games halls have emerged as unlicensed operators, indoor playground illegally receiving minors and using video game machines to gamble. As a result, the number of cases directly or indirectly caused by such crimes has also been on the rise. However, the number of places provided for the healthy growth of 240 million young students nationwide can hardly meet the needs in terms of quantity, layout and scale. The Ministry of Culture has taken active measures to control the source of video game production. Since 2009, the Ministry of Culture has issued seven catalogs of instructional models for market access of electronic games (arts) and management tools Some innovation. At the grassroots level management personnel in the management awareness, indoor playground management skills and so difficult to adapt to the needs of market development.

Since the pilot examination and approval of the venues conducted by the Ministry of Culture in 2010, a series of regulations have been introduced to control the examination and approval targets, issue limited amounts annually, and carry out open and thorough examination and approval. At the provincial level, the cultural sector shall issue the quota examination and approval indicators timely and rationally, indoor playground allocate and distribute them rationally, implement the approved production models, indoor playground limit the admittance area of the places, and configure the approval conditions for the number of access models according to regions and proportions. At the same time, Ministry of Culture for the record. Since then, the development of electronic entertainment and entertainment venues has tended to be under the control of plans and a steady and steady trend. After the electronic game approval index was released in 2010, it not only brought hope to the development of the game industry, but also intensified the competition in the game industry, mistakenly arranged the macro layout, indoor playground investigated and dealt with the functional departments, indoor playground and diversified the game crowd. They are under the pressure of price management, the vicious competition among industries, resulting in business disorder, market turmoil. Since 2011, the operation of electronic entertainment venues has been sluggish. In one sentence, it can be summarized as follows: Law-abiding operators are struggling to run their luck days and are lucky enough to occasionally obtain huge profits for their illegal businesses.

According to the current status of the operation and the development trend of the industry, the nature of the game entertainment business should be raised to the threshold of a limited liability company, indoor playground the game entertainment venue Sunshine health brand chain business model is imperative, from the undertaking of legal responsibility, day-to-day management Internal management, indoor playground avoidance of operational risks and the trend of enterprise development are conducive to the standardization of the industry and are more conducive to the management at the grass-roots level. So as to promote the healthy, orderly and standardized development of games and entertainment venues in our country so as to meet the ever increasing demand of cultural and recreational consumption by the masses of the people.