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indoor playground The phenomenon of development
- Feb 11, 2018 -

At present, the main problem of the indoor playground industry in China is that there are no leading enterprises in the industry. The industry has low barriers to entry and a single product and business model. The various amusement arcades and game amusement arcades have a high level of homogeneity in the structure of game amusement machines and recreational facilities, which can be highly alternative. However, indoor playground the industry is currently unable to form a monopoly leading enterprise. Although the industry is in a period of rapid growth, there is disorderly development. indoor playground Industry entry barriers are low. At present, with the exception of a few enterprises, the overwhelming majority of operating enterprises do not manufacture their own recreational products and facilities and engage in OEM processing outside their own, which poses certain product quality risks. Moreover, indoor playground the vast majority of indoor playgrounds do not join the franchise fee to join, franchisees only need to direct procurement of game amusement machines and rides, site decoration design, installation and staff training are free. So once the prospects for the development of the industry is good, it will inevitably have large and small businesses and managers swarmed the situation. Economic development needs and policies are more open, more and more manufacturing capital, indoor playground real estate finance venture capital is actively poured into the industry. The driving force of profit in the capital market also needs large-scale development.

With the steady and rapid economic and social development, people's amusement needs a rich and colorful healthy and casual fashion lifestyle. Games and amusement have become popular forms of entertainment and consumption welcomed by Chinese families, especially adolescents, indoor playground and the consumer market is constantly expanding. In recent years, a group of healthy sunshine strength in the industry has rapidly grown. A series of large-scale chain games and entertainment venues that take the sunshine entertainment route represented by Tom Bears, Cartoni, Adventure Land, indoor playground City Heroes, Big Players and Storm Rise have grown up and gradually become the leading force in the development of the industry. Industry embarked on the track of the healthy development of the sun. I hope the government can support the development of the industry from the perspective of supporting healthy sunshine health groups keep their positions continue to expand camp, become the dominant force in the industry, indoor playground so that China's entertainment market will be developed faster.

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