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Fitness Equipment There Are Many Kinds
- Feb 11, 2018 -

Fork bar

Comprehensive trainer fork bar, mainly used to do the pull-ups, fitness equipment but there are many ways to practice it, such as:

(1) standing under the fork bar, fitness equipment jumping, grasping the crossbar with both hands, his arms straight, the body naturally drape, legs close together, so straight leg group action, so that the toes can hit the handle as the best, and then slowly put down Restoration of the legs of the initial state, this exercise is mainly abdominal muscles, waist and hip joints.

(2) standing under the fork bar, jumping, fitness equipment grasping the crossbar with both hands, his arms straight, the body naturally drape, elbow do pull up to the size of arms at right angles, in this state, the legs alternately swing this The main exercise upper arm muscles and back muscles.

Hang bar

The trainer on the comprehensive trainer is attached to the weight plate through the rope. It is mainly used for the pull-down exercise and the exercise for the latissimus dorsi. fitness equipment We can use the new training method to expand the scope of the suspension bar,

(1) Put a bench below the crane, lie on the bench with your back, fitness equipment hold the hanging bar with your both hands and pull it down to your chest with your elbow, and then slowly straighten your arms back to the starting position 3 Exercise is the main exercise arm muscles and elbows.

(2) The knife put a bench under the hanging bar, fitness equipment the exerciser sitting on the stool, back to the bar, grab the ends of the bar with both arms, fitness equipment and then pull down to the front of the bar down to the chest, and then arms Stretch to the head after the resumption of the initial state. Note that the entire process of arms to keep straight, this action is mainly exercise the chest muscles and arm muscles.