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Indoor Playground
- Apr 02, 2018 -

The naughty castle is a new generation of children's activity center which is designed based on children's characteristics, sports, intelligence and fitness. It is a new and highly comprehensive children's playground, which is designed for children's characteristics of drilling, climbing, skating, rolling, swinging, jumping, shaking and so on. It is more suitable for children at the age of 0-12.

Detailed introduction to the material material as follows: 1, plastic pipe and slide: imported LLDPE rolling plastic special material through plastic forming, GB/T 4454-1996 requirements, plastic wall thickness more than 6mm, colorful, anti UV light (UV) ability to reach 8, anti static ability, safety and environmental protection, good weather resistance, high strength; 2, platform: internal multi-layer plate, middle bag re bubble sponge ( According to GB 6675-2003 standard), the outer layer of the outer layer is imported super strong PVC transverse warp weft knitting flash leather, high strength, good safety performance; 3, net bucket: high strength nylon belt woven, high overall safety performance, GB/T5726-1998 standard; 4, rainbow ladder: internal for wood, intermediate bag refoam sponge (conforming to GB6675-2003 standard), the most outer layer of super PVC import PVC import super PVC import Warp and weft knitting flash leather, high strength, good safety performance, installation angle less than 30 degrees, conforms to the national standard; 5, prepuce: high density foam EVA sponge, thickness more than 6mm. 6, steel pipe: diameter 48mm steel pipe, in line with GB/T244-97 standard; 7, protection net: high strength nylon rope hand weaving, soft performance, high strength, good safety performance in line with GB/T3091-2001 standard; 8, joint parts: ductile cast iron die-casting forming, with special high strength anti loosing screws. Conform to GB/T3091-2001 standard; 9, the single wooden bridge: the interior is the multilayer board, the middle bag heavy bubble sponge (conforms to the GB 6675-2003 standard), the outer layer import super PVC transverse warp weft glitter leather, the strength is high, the safety performance is good; 11, the screw: all are the galvanized high strength screw, with the protective environmental protection plastic cover; 12, the carpet: high density EVA foam sponge, the specification is 100 * 100 x. 2cm, safety and environmental protection.