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Indoor Playground Candy Theme Brought Convenience
- Feb 11, 2018 -

In order to attract customers, shopping malls in many cities are now equipped with children's play facilities. This has brought convenience to parents of shopping malls and brought joy to children. However, many children's play facilities inside and outside these malls are in a regulatory blind spot. indoor playground Candy theme For example, under the Special Equipment Safety Supervision Ordinance, a large recreational facility is a large-scale recreational facility designed to run at a maximum speed greater than or equal to 2 m / s or at an altitude greater than or equal to 2 m from the ground. However, shopping facilities inside and outside the mall is usually not within this range. Therefore Bureau of Quality Supervision said they did not belong to their supervision; indoor playground Candy theme and the Sports Bureau also said that shopping centers, supermarkets, children's play facilities are not professional sports and are therefore beyond their supervision. According to insiders, in addition to fire fighting, the health department regularly checks and no other department to check the safety of recreational and fitness facilities.

Lack of supervision of children's playground in shopping arcades shows a trend of brutal growth, safety and health and other hidden dangers can not be found in time, indoor playground Candy theme or even wait until after the tragedy, will be found. For example, a shopping mall in Suzhou recently happened two days after the children in the ocean ball pool slide after a fracture, consumer advocacy resistance problems. These children's amusement facilities in shopping malls have been kept away from supervision, indoor playground Candy theme which is a serious lack of supervision. Some shopping arcades not only fail to bring happiness to children, but pose a threat to children's life and health. indoor playground Candy theme It is imperative and imperative to include the supervision and control of children's playground facilities in supervised and controlled shopping malls.

In this regard, we need to improve the system design, make up for regulatory loopholes, and clarify the regulatory authorities for recreational facilities. indoor playground Candy theme Relevant departments should not shirk their responsibility to shoulder their own responsibilities. Parents should also take good care of their responsibilities. Many parents put shopping malls, supermarkets, children's play facilities as "hosting" children's places, the children no matter on the playground, go shopping, indoor playground Candy theme shopping at the supermarket, parents paralyzed, which is causing some children Playgrounds Frequent child safety incidents important reason, so the responsibility of parents can not be ignored, to some more sense of responsibility and safety awareness.

In addition, surveys show that summer holidays are the period during which children suffer the highest number of accidental injuries, such as children's drowning, indoor playground Candy theme indoor playground Candy theme road traffic Accidents are summer children's casualties, "an important killer." Amusement facilities exist hidden dangers, but opened the corner of children facing security threats. indoor playground Candy theme How to achieve child safety without blind spots and no dead ends, it is necessary to form a comprehensive protection of children from families, schools and the whole society, strengthen safety education, indoor playground Candy theme eliminate potential safety hazards in public places, strengthen family, school and social responsibilities, Forming a strong network of safeguards to minimize accidental injury to children