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Indoor Playground Candy Theme Its Own Competitiveness
- Feb 11, 2018 -

First, the scale, even if some local brand stores do not require brand admission, indoor playground Candy theme then in order to the competitiveness of the mall itself, the area required, it is inevitable.

Second, the brand, whether it is the chain, or joining. There will be competition between the brand and the brand, which is why the naughty Fort continued camping reasons to expand market influence, waiting for the advent of branding, relying on market share, to attract joining Or rely on market influence to obtain better business resources.

Third, personalization, with the intense competition, indoor playground Candy theme personalized paradise will appear, will no longer be the same steel + electric, there will be other elements, such as, over the house, COSPLAY (cosplay), sense of element , Somatosensory interactive games and the overall theme of the decoration style.

Fourth, diversified, children's paradise has a single survival form, is quite at risk, so adding other projects supporting the trend has become one of the future, indoor playground Candy theme we now see the handmade Square is one of the future there may be more projects For example, hand-workshop; space sand, Choi clay, soft clay and other plastic items; Carrera racing; and some novel children's playground equipment.

During the operation of children's playground facilities, indoor playground Candy theme it is inevitable that operation will be temporarily suspended for some reasons. During this period of time, how can we ensure that children's playground facilities will not be damaged or contaminated, so that we can continue operating in the future? Today we have a description of the cleaning, collection, maintenance and care of children's playground facilities, as follows:

Equipment cleaning collection:

1. Cut off the power, open the fan interface and exhaust port, indoor playground Candy theme exhaust time is generally 10-25 minutes, remaining gas to squeeze. If the equipment enters the water because of the rainy day, be sure to drain the water and dry it before continuing to use it.

2. Do cleaning, washing powder can be used to stains, indoor playground Candy theme grease wipe, and then scrub clean water, drying can be dried.

3. Fold the device, cover the front with the bottom, and cover it with a tarp.

4. If not for a long time, indoor playground Candy theme the clean equipment folded, bundled, packaged. Storage temperature is generally -50 ~ +40 degrees Celsius is appropriate.

5. Fans should pay attention to moisture, corrosion. Gas equipment should pay attention to anti-rat insect bite bite.