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Indoor Playground Curtural Innovation
- Feb 11, 2018 -

Due to historical reasons, some adverse factors have been interfering with the normal development of China's game entertainment industry. Why indoor playgrounds and theaters are equally popular among children and young people and families, but have always been focusing on "special trades" with KTVs, nightclubs, bars, indoor playground Internet cafes, indoor playground sauna and footbaths? From 2000 to 2012, the game amusement machine industry in China experienced a reincarnation, the atmosphere of sadness over the air. indoor playground A very small number of unscrupulous companies and operators engaged in gambling activities under the name of animated games, leading to industry-wide disaster. Legally-run enterprises were dragged into Sewage River twice by crazy insurgents.

The mainstream of the industry is the sunshine health, indoor playground and has a distinctive cultural and creative, with the latest high-tech, is a sustainable development of the industry, in line with the state support industrial development policies, with strong vitality. indoor playground We hope that the competent government departments can carefully analyze the real situation in the industry, distinguish between good and bad responsibilities, continue to increase the intensity of joint law enforcement in many departments, indoor playground and thoroughly clean up the gambling behaviors dismissed in animation games so that the game and entertainment industry in China can develop healthily and orderly.