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Indoor Playground Marine Theme Process Requirements
- Feb 11, 2018 -

A mature playground equipment manufacturers are basically equipped with a number of mature spray painters to ensure the quality of factory playground facilities consistent. indoor playground Marine theme A qualified spray painter has an accurate grasp of the lightness, indoor playground Marine theme hue and saturation of the colors required by the designer for the appearance of the playground facilities so that the color of the look of the model can be colorful and appealing to children's attention.

Followed by the requirements of the painting process requirements before the paint on the white shell water sands sand throughout the body shape to make the overall surface smooth, indoor playground Marine theme no cracks and no pollution on the surface. Sand and then use the static air blowing net.

Once again, the required color for the paint of the paint and paint, and according to the requirements of the same site with multiple painting, in order to meet product requirements. indoor playground Marine theme After drying, the products are required to paint the same thickness, uniform color.

The first is to professional, design and production of children's playground facilities staff to complete their internal layout and production of the host, if you do not know these things, it is impossible to understand the crux of the issue, but will not detect whether the problem is Serious.Therefore, indoor playground Marine theme an experienced professional maintenance staff is the key to solve the problem.This requires the user to contact the factory or experienced professional maintenance personnel to investigate possible problems, indoor playground Marine theme so as to prevent accidents.Children's playground facilities Maintain daily attention

The second is to protect the homework, routine investigation to detect and replace the vulnerable parts.Some people think that children's playground facilities is actually a pile of hob, indoor playground Marine theme can not make mistakes.The layout of the children's playground facilities is a designer Carefully designed, including all aspects, there are some key parts will be worn.We should always check the damage of its wearing parts, if the damage must be replaced!