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Indoor Playground Overall Layout
- Feb 11, 2018 -

In recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization in China, indoor playground the construction of large and medium-sized businesses in various provinces and cities have mushroomed like mushrooms and the terminal consumer market has become more open and active. The overall development level of the indoor playground industry in China has greatly improved accordingly The face is also a new look. Today's indoor playground in China's ecology is based on fashion and culture as the core, a highly emotional sense of consumer characteristics, which is more evident in the business area, machine equipment and the environment to create three areas. indoor playground Most of the indoor playgrounds are located in the trendy, upscale large department stores or in the heart of the bustling CBD. Investors are hiring professional design houses to create a unique gaming experience environment that is matched by departmental facilities, more clearly Consumers and the overall environment of the consumer experience, the overall layout of the indoor playground, entertainment environment to create a variety of events held, medium and small amusement equipment release, there is doll gift machines and other characteristics of the machine Depth in the indoor playground, indoor playground the choice of gifts, layout, replacement, etc., indoor playground need careful planning, is no longer directly placed on the operation of the machine so simple, these are on the indoor playground of the management of the new requirements .

China's indoor playgrounds, including indoor children's playgrounds, large-scale amusement venues market investment hot spots from the first-tier cities to the second and third tier SME emerging markets. indoor playground At present, the hot trend is the large indoor theme park with the original template of "Lotte World" in South Korea. Roller coasters, indoor playground carousels, jumping machines and other large and medium-sized equipment moved to the interior, will change the seasonal outdoor amusement park, holiday constraints, indoor playground as "all-weather" super-sized amusement center. This opened in the city complex MALL which covers an area of 2-10 million square meters of large-scale indoor amusement park is also the future of the world and China's indoor playground another direction.