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Indoor Playground Space Requirements
- Feb 11, 2018 -

1. Fengyu playground should be attached to sports equipment room, playground equipment can also share a sports equipment room, and should be attached to the locker room, indoor playground bathroom, bathroom. Teaching staff and students locker room, bathroom, shower room should be divided.

2. When the wind and rain playground without walls, should avoid the impact of glare. When there is no glare-proofing facilities outside the storm-proof playground walls, the height of the windowsill should not be less than 2.10m above the ground in the room. indoor playground Walls below the height of windowsill should be dark.

4. According to the requirements of sports space, indoor playground safety fencing facilities should be reserved in the wind-rain playground.

5. Fengyu playground, indoor playground sports venues should be equipped with lamps and other protective cover. Suspension should have reliable fixing measures. When there is a retaining wall, a guard net should be provided on the indoor side of the window.

6. Wind and rain playground floor, ground structure should be based on the requirements of major sports to determine, should not be rigid ground. indoor playground Fixed sports equipment embedded parts should be dark.

 7. When the wind and rain playground as a gathering place, indoor playground should be acoustical treatment.

Ventilation design of wind and rain playground should comply with the provisions of Article 9.1.3 of this code and natural ventilation should be adopted. When natural ventilation does not meet the requirements, mechanical ventilation or air conditioning should be set.

9. Sports equipment room doors and windows should meet the needs of handling sports equipment.

10. Indoor sports equipment room should take pest control, moisture protection measures.