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Outdoor Playground Very Good Exercise
- Feb 11, 2018 -

No card, no time to go to the gym do not say no to the gym can not exercise out of the inherent mode of thinking we can use the new "fitness equipment" to do sports like horizontal bars, outdoor playground basketball courts and temporary balance beam, they are good Exercise tools challenge fresh and fun moves on the playground, while showing muscle lines than playing in the gym do not know how many times stronger

Many parallel bars can be found on the ground in the park (pictured), using it as a push-up to challenge the balance. The benefit of this is that by grasping the iron you exert less pressure on your wrists than on the palm of your hand. If the toes on the parallel bars a bit difficult, outdoor playground you can put your feet and put a slight slope on the ground in order to reduce the difficulty.

Use basketball courts or other playground lines to create your own workout routines. Choose two lines with a good sprint distance at each end, and then divide each cross-hatch into boot camp exercises such as bobby (similar to uprights), flatbed support, outdoor playground bike-style belly Lunge, squat, outdoor playground narrow grip parallel to the flexion and extension of the arm and jump. Choose an action to repeat 15 times, and then rushed to the other side of the cross line. For another action to do 15 times, and ran back to the starting line just ran. This intense exercise lasting 10 minutes will perspire you.

Play like a kid! Those old horizontal bar and bunker are very good exercise props, whether it is to do near-ground tightrope or arm exercises on the horizontal bar. outdoor playground In addition, exercise in the playground, can consume 322 calories per hour, equivalent to low-intensity aerobic exercise.

Do you remember the game Twist? Carefully lift your heel, outdoor playground tiptoe to the lower leg support. Try to raise one hand and put your head on top so that you can challenge your body. The next picnic in the park, can challenge friends with friends, and everyone playing a classic board game is even more perfect.

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