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Trampoline Park
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Trampoline Park usually has trampoline adult area, children's District, playing area and dunk area, and also has a naughty fort area, a dressing area, a sales area, a member area, etc. Please imagine you walk into a room, all the people are flying up and down. Yes, you can finally experience the light fly over the walls! Indoor trampoline park is like a top capped cage. The support and guardrail are relatively soft. A relatively confined space enables children and adults to be free from external influences when they exercise. A basket and other auxiliary equipment are each trampoline, let the trampoline enthusiasts not only confined to simple jumps, but also experience the feeling of flying dunk, improves the diversity of trampoline and game. Because of this, in addition to weight loss, in the release of pressure, to maintain the balance of body and mind, trampoline does not lose any other kind of exercise. Research shows that skip is not only conducive to the development of adults, but also to the development of children's physical function and coordination. It is also conducive to the growth of children's height and brain development.