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Trampoline Park Indoor

Trampoline Park Indoor

Trampoline Park usually has trampoline adult area, children's District, playing area and dunk area, and also has a naughty fort area, a dressing area, a sales area, a member area, etc. Please imagine you walk into a room, all the people are flying up and down. Yes, you can finally experience...

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trampoline park indoor


Based on site design


1.Jumping mat:PP, professional jumping mat.

2.Tubes: Double galvanized for inside and outside. low-carbon steel, powder coated

3. Foam safety pad: 8 cm EPE inside+0.45mm PVC

4.Springs: Super high-strength Chrome plated.


5 years


The United States imports of PE produced by the company's products have a net surface, light, rain, anti ageing, anti slip, increase the pressure is three times that of ordinary life. Trampoline net woven by tendon. The surface of the net is glued, and it can increase the elasticity. Iron and steel products are painted and dusting after rust prevention and oil removal. The technology of high temperature electromagnetic baking is applied. The rust proof property is strong and durable. All the steel pipes are produced by double-sided galvanized pipes. The specifications of the jumping bed can be customized according to customer requirements.






1. How is the warranty?

Reply:Jumping mats imported from the USA, there will be two years warranty, and if there is any damage, we will make free for you, and for other parts, we will send some more spare parts with free to you. Eeven if you have any problem during future use, pls just contact us for free, we will try our best to help you solve it

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